Gatlinburg Elks Lodge #1925

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To help carry out a part of our mission as Elks, the Elks National
Foundation Fidelity Club is an easy and effective way to donate to the
many Elks charitable programs administered on the national level, while
barely even noticing that you’re doing so much good for others.  The
Fidelity Club allows Elks members to make a recurring monthly donation
of any amount of $5.00 or more, and all donations are tax-deductible.
Further, our Lodge will also receive credit toward its annual giving goal
with each donation, so it’s a win-win on many levels.
In other words, for the price of a couple of shots of Yaeger, you can be
helping out others and giving our Lodge a boost, too.
Here’s the road map to getting going on your giving, so pay attention:
To register your recurring gift, go to and click on “Elks National
Foundation” near the top of the home page.  Next, click on “Fidelity
Club,” and then “Monthly Giving” in the green menu on the left side of
the page.  On that page, scroll down to (if you
prefer, you may also print a mail-in form there, but if you’ve already
survived this many clicks and drop-down menus, then you don’t
need regular mail).

On this page, you will be able to select your monthly gift amount,
whether your gift will support all Elks programs or a particular one that is
near and dear to your heart, our Lodge number (it’s 1925) and billing
information.   A few weeks after you establish your gift, you will receive a
letter with a Fidelity Club sticker for your membership card, and you will
begin receiving Fidelity Club pins as your reach certain milestones with
your giving (starting at 12 consecutive recurring gifts).  Please consider
registering for a Fidelity Club recurring gift to help advance the Elks’
charitable efforts nationally and through our Lodge.